Discover your dominant

Discover the real reason you haven't been able to find conscious love


Uncover your Dominant Love Trap Archetype to gain awareness and learn how to transcend these patterns so you can find and live your own great conscious love story!

Are you:

  • Spiritually minded or a soul-centered woman?
  • Single & wondering why the ‘f’’ you still haven’t found the right partner, even after personal growth work?  
  • In a relationship or marriage wondering why it’s no longer working?
  • Ready to learn more about the truth of who you are and how that can transform your life?  

When you uncover your Dominant Love Trap Archetype and, finally understand why conscious relationships elude you and, what you need to do to be able to have the lasting love you dream about.  

The assessment results & video trainings will help you identify:

Which patterns you have fallen into and carried for most of your life

How you even got those in the first place

What you really desire in love that sits underneath these archetypal patterns

What you can do to move beyond them all, so you can find and live in the conscious relationship you yearn for

What you are going to receive:

  • A special report explaining your Dominant Love Trap Archetype 
  • More clarity about why things have gone as they have, so that you can stop beating yourself up and move forward into a conscious, loving relationship
  • 2 video trainings to help you gain more clarity about all of the Archetypes (you may recognize yourself in a few of them) and, what you can do right now to transcend them
  • A special invitation to completely bust through those patterns, so you can have your ideal vision of conscious love

It is time for you to:

  •  Finally understand what has held you back in love 
  •  Know that this may be the last piece of the puzzle to finding and living in a magical, conscious relationship
  •  Understand what you can do to accelerate your search for the kind of love you want, whether you are single or in relationship
  • And more...

Susan is an Intuitive Life and Relationship Coach, (and a happily married Lady) who specializes in working with soul-centered and spiritually-minded single, partnered and married women to help them manifest, create, and sustain extraordinary conscious relationships, while honoring the authenticity of who they are. It is Susan’s great joy to help these women and couples thrive using her unique Conscious Soul Mates Coaching System, that combines spiritual/metaphysical principles and, techniques with mastery of the traditional skills needed for a relationship to flourish. She loves seeing women find the great love of their life and watching couples succeed both as individuals and in their partnership, so they can experience their own beautiful, magical love stories.  

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